How do you feel about your financial future?

Everyone’s needs and dreams are different. The time to start making them happen is right now.

It all starts with having the financial power to do it your way, and it all starts with a plan.



Feel they are better equipped for life’s unexpected financial emergencies, to weather tough economic times, and feel assured their loved ones are looked after financially.

Financial Planning Standards Council,, The Value of Financial Planning
Research surveys the general English-speaking population in Canada (excluding Quebec.)


Feel on track with their financial affairs — 81% v s 44% without a plan.


Feel they are better positioned to save more money — 62% v s. only 40% without a plan.


Feel on track to retire when they want to — 50% v s. 22% without a plan.


Are more likely to take annual vacations, live the life they want and splurge!

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